Rules & Regulations

Youth Parliament Competition

Objective of the Youth Parliament Competition

With a view to strengthen the roots of democracy, to inculcate healthy habits of discipline, to tolerate others views and to enable the student community to know about the working of Parliament, our college has decided to organize a Youth Parliament competition for school students.

Duration of Youth Parliament sitting

The duration of ‘Youth Parliament’ in the preliminary round is 40 minutes and in the final round, it is 20 minutes. Out of this, 10-12 minutes may be devoted to Questions and the remaining time is to be utilized for discussion on Bills, Motions or Resolutions, etc.

Subjects for discussion at the Youth Parliament

It would be desirable that the matters raised in the Youth Parliament may relate to the subjects such as welfare activities, defense of the country, social justice, social reforms, economic development, communal harmony, health, student’s discipline etc. No direct or indirect remarks must be made in the speeches with respect to cast or persons in political parties or leaders etc. It is suggested that the concept of human rights may be stressed upon and at least one item of business on this subject may invariably be included.


The participants are expected to speak in English.

Committee of Judges

The Competition will be evaluated by a panel of 2 judges.


Following Prizes will be awarded.

  • A trophy to the school
  • Certificates to the participants

Considerations for drawing up the merit List

The Committee of judges shall keep in view the following points while assessing the performance of institutions:-

S.No Parameter Marks
1 Discipline and Decorum 10
2 Observance of Parliamentary Procedure 20
3 Selection of subject for questions, supplementary and quality of answers thereto 20
4 Selection of subjects for Debates 10
5 Quality of speeches delivered, standard of Debates 30
6 General Assessment of the performance as a whole 10
  Total 100